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New Official Plan: Discussion Papers

Everyone will face the challenges of the future together. We are preparing for the future with a brand new Official Plan -the strategic document that guides our city’s growth and development.
The review of the Official Plan is a three-year project with opportunities to provide comments throughout the process. Following adoption by Council, the Plan will be sent to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. The Ministry would then take up to six months to review and approve the Official Plan. Approval by the Ministry is expected by mid-2022.
What are some of the biggest issues facing the city? Nine discussion papers outline some of the main themes of the Official Plan review and identify ideas for moving forward:
The Building Blocks for a Healthy Ottawa
Climate Adaptation and Resiliency
The Economy
The Greater Ottawa-Gatineau Area
Infrastructure and Water Management
Natural Ottawa
Rural Ottawa
Discussion Paper Highlight: The Building Blocks for a Healthy Ottawa
Health starts in our communities. Through the Official Plan, we can plan, build and use our communities so that people have more opportunities to lead healthy lives. Areas of focus are as follows:
Neighbourhood Design: Building compact, well-connected neighbourhoods that include different types of housing, shops and services, schools, employment and greenspaces can make it easier to meet daily needs by foot or by bicycle and reduce dependence on driving.
Transportation: The way we design our roads and transportation networks affects how we decide to travel and live our lives.
Housing: Having access to affordable and safe housing that is suitable to your stage of life and supports various life situations is important for physical and mental health.
Food: Lack of nutritious food can lead to chronic diseases like heart disease. Ensuring that people can access local, healthy food easily and safely by walking, biking and transit supports healthy eating.
Natural Environments and Greenspaces: Nature and greenspaces affect physical and mental health in many ways. Climate change will make our communities hotter in the summer. Greenspaces, including recreational spaces and parks, with trees and vegetation can help filter and cool the air, reduce stress, promote physical activity, and buffer noise.
What’s important in your neighbourhood? How can we make the city better? The OP’s online feedback form will be open until May 31, 2019.
For more information on the new OP, please visit the webpage.

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