City seeking comments on project at 335 Roosevelt by Dec. 9

A development has been proposed for 335 Roosevelt Avenue – the old Fendor site.  This site is at the bottom of a residential street and is not on Scott street, but nearby to transit i.e. Dominion station. The current application is for two 12 storey towers and three 3 storey wood-framed buildings with a pathway in-between the towers so pedestrians can access the multi use path that runs parallel to the transitway – soon to be LRT –  trench. 

There is history on this: As you may know, development applications were previously submitted in 2011 to permit the development of two 14 and 16 storey towers. These applications were approved by Council and were subsequently appealed by the community to the Ontario Municipal Board. In 2014, the Board’s decision set a maximum of 8 storeys on that site.  Fast forward to a year or so ago when the developer tried a submission that included two high-rise residential buildings of 21 and 18 storeys and 4 low-rise residential buildings. The reasoning for the extra height, i.e. higher than the mandated 8 storeys, is that times and policies have changed due to LRT and the requirement to intensify. That was not well received through consultations with the community and the Councillor, and so here we are today with the current proposals for two 12-storey buildings and three low-rise apartment building on Wilmont and Winston for a total of 284 residential dwellings.

An open house was held last week. It was recorded and you can view it on Councillor Leipers Youtube channel. A link to that all the details about the project can be found here

If you have concerns about this, now is the time to send them to the city planner and Councillor Leiper: Please send the comments BY DEC. 9, 2021.

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