Have your say about infill development in Westboro!

Today – Sept. 30 – the City released a discussion paper on trends and issues related to infill development in Westboro.   As you recall, last October an interim by-law was enacted prohibiting the development of triplexes/ multi-unit dwellings in selected areas of Westboro until the City could further study the issue.  The paper released today is the first step in engaging the community in a conversation about infill development in Westboro.
The Westboro Community Association encourages the community to get involved in this study.  Many residents have come out to developer consultations, public open houses, and other fora to express their opposition to the rapid rate of infill development in our  neighbourhoods. In particular, the community has expressed dismay over the loss of Westboro’s character. One of the objectives of the infill study is to better understand what Westboro residents value in their neighbourhoods and to find ways to maintain the desirable characteristics of the community during infill development.
Be part of this conversation!  Have a look at the paper

Click to access 2019-09-18_DiscussionPaper_Westboro_EN_FINAL.pdf

and give some thought to the discussion questions it brings forward.  These questions will form the basis for more intensive community consultations in the near future.  We will keep you posted.
See note below and send your comments to the study lead, Robert Sandercott
613-580-2424, ext. 14270 or robert.sandercott@ottawa.ca
Note from the City:
The City has completed a Discussion Paper summarizing the issues relating to infill development within Westboro. Some of the issues covered include but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Existing housing and development trends within the neighbourhood;
  • The type, size, and location of infill development in Westboro;
  • Defining the neighbourhood’s character;
  • The development of three-unit and multi-unit buildings;
  • The use and function of front and rear yards.

The issues covered within the paper are not meant to be an exhaustive list. We would love to hear your input on the issues you’ve encountered with infill within the neighbourhood, as well as what you love about Westboro and want to see enhanced as the community grows.
The paper is available at the project website at this link. We would appreciate hearing any questions or comments you may have by October 25, 2019.

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