Watermain Construction at Clare Gardens Park

Construction crews are installing the protective fencing on the eastern side of the park where the watermain work will be done, under the Athlone path. Clare Garden’s Coordinator, Deb Chapman, met with the City and the contractor about the upcoming construction and how it could impact everyone who uses the park to play, walk or simply enjoy this lovely greenspace.

Access to play structures will not be impacted. The play tables near the Athlone path will still be accessible but may be a little noisy and dusty during construction.

The public can still use the Athlone path to Clare for the next few weeks. When construction starts, the public will be asked to use the Evered entrance and path through the park.

There will be a small change to the Evered path where it connects with the Athlone path. Where these paths meet will have to be moved a little north of the hydro box due to construction. To ensure this new segment of the path is wheelchair and stroller accessible, grading will make the path more level, with less of an incline.

The good news is that none of our mature trees will be removed, however several along the path will have lower branches trimmed to ensure there is no damage to the trees. Even the lilacs saved from the Les Soeur de la Visitation Convent will be saved. More trees will be planted. The Volunteer Gardeners of Clare Park have requested that only native trees are planted to support our efforts for more pollinator friendly plantings in the park.

The construction team is aiming to have the work completed by late fall.

Deb Chapman


Volunteer Gardeners of Clare Gardens Park


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