Westboro-Dominion Planning Study: Comments Due May 31 

From the City:
Westboro-Dominion Planning Study 
Good morning,
This email is to let you know that the City of Ottawa is undertaking a review of planning policies and zoning for lands near the Westboro and Dominion Light Rail Transit (LRT) stations. You can visit the project website, Ottawa.ca/WestboroDominionStudy for more information including a short Discussion Paper on the main issues we’ll be reviewing.
(Please note: this study should not be confused with the the planning study currently underway for the area south of Byron Avenue, as a result of Interim Control By-law 2018-362. For information on that study, please contact Robert Sandercott atrobert.sandercott@ottawa.ca.)
The Richmond Road-Westboro Secondary Plan (RRWSP) was adopted in 2008 and provides planning guidance to a large area extending from Island Park Drive in the east to the Sir John A. MacDonald parkway in the west. However, in recent years, development pressure on lands close to the new Westboro and Dominion Light Rail Transit stations has underscored the need for more clarity in that area.
Accordingly, the Westboro-Dominion Planning Study will address in greater detail those lands that are generally:

  • West of Island Park Drive
  • North of Byron Avenue
  • East of Dominion Street, and
  • South of the Transitway and Lanark Avenue.

The Westboro-Dominion Planning Study will not seek to replace the broader Richmond Road-Westboro Secondary Plan (RRWSP.) Rather, it will review, amend and/or expand the policies of the Richmond Road-Westboro plan only as they relate to the lands described above.
For more information, provide comments, or sign up for updates on this project, please contact us:
By mail at:
Westboro-Dominion Planning Study
c/o Tim J. Moerman, MCIP, RPP
Ottawa City Hall, mail code 01-15
110 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, ON K1P 1J1
By phone at (613) 580-2424 ext. 13944
By fax at (613) 580-2459
By email at westboro-dominion@ottawa.ca or tim.moerman@ottawa.ca

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