Request to Residents Regarding Rochester Field

Dear Westboro neighbour:
On Tuesday past, Ottawa Planning Committee approved a proposal for the NCC to build two six storey multi-use buildings on Rochester Park between Fraser
Ave homes and the Keg Manor. Yes there’s supposed to be a laneway between the two buildings but we know how well that worked with the passage Ashcroft
built so we can’t see the convent from Richmond Road.
We are asking residents to contact the Mayor and City Council to ask them to vote NO when this item comes to Council Wednesday January 31st.
What was approved is not what the NCC and the City agreed to with a Memorandum of Understanding that the NCC presented to residents in March 2016. We would like this item to go back to Planning Staff so all parties can come up with a better and friendlier proposal.
If the NCC is a good neighbour this could be resolved by March 1st.
Following are the emails for the Mayor and Council.;;;;;;;;;
Gary Ludington, Chair

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