New owner, different development: 1705 Carling

At a meeting held on June 8, the community learned that this development – the old Web Motel and the Rose Bowl restaurant – has changed significantly from what was presented in January, moving from 9 storeys to 22. The original owner sold it to Claridge which has come up with a different concept for the site. Claridge has submitted a Site Plan Control and Zoning By-law Amendment application to construct two buildings: a 22-storey residential high-rise building with 194 dwelling units and a 9-storey retirement home containing 160 units. Both buildings will share an underground parking lot with 234 parking spaces in addition to 19 surface parking spaces. Details are are now available here in the Development Applications “DevApps” – check the Executive Summary :

The DevApps page says to submit your comments by July 2; however the Councillors office has confirmed comments will be accepted after this date:

John Bernier, Planner

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