Revised Plans for Churchill/Byron Place development

Important meeting! An open house webinar will be held for this project showing the revised plans the developer has made to this project. The applicant as resubmitted an updated Site Plan Control in response to the initial round of feedback from both the community and the City. Those on Highcroft, Byron and the surrounding streets need to be there! Read more about the resubmission details here. 

­ ­ ­ Webinar – 433 & 435 Churchill Ave, 468, 470 & 472 Byron Place Development

Monday, June 29 at 7:00pm

Please click the link below to join the webinar and note the required password
Password: 433

Send your comments about this resubmitted development to and / or, and the planner on the file 

1 thought on “Revised Plans for Churchill/Byron Place development”

  1. Last Night’s Meeting on Byron Place – I no longer engage that often on the issues because what I get is an explanation of how the bureaucratic structure allows for something to happen, and how the structure is responsible of an outcome and not the people who populate the structure. Here’s the thing, I take it up a level and ask myself is this outcome right, is it what we would logically expect as an outcome? In my opinion, the development on Byron Place and Churchill is not the outcome anyone would logically expect. It is too much. The residents band together to save the neighborhood and are told – you can’t help yourselves. So who can? Who is really running the show, and why? Who helps us?

    When I logged in last night, it was very one-sided. Zoom excludes our most vulnerable who stand to lose the most. I used to think that is who our city officials should be standing for, the ones without a voice. Zoom excludes our most vulnerable neighbors who have invested their lives here. Residents were faceless, and voiceless. They had no PowerPoint prepared in advance. Their questions were carefully controlled and screened. The representative for the development spoke to us all about what our neighborhoods will look like in the coming years – almost as though he was telling us how it was all going to roll out for us in the future. Nothing in the scenario created a level playing field. The power was with the city and the developer, both who had something to gain. Existing residents had it all on the line.


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