Thank you! Next steps on Official Plan is a Q&A held by the City

Thanks to all of you who provided comments on the Official Plan. We submitted our comments to the City yesterday.

The City is holding a public Question and Answer session on the OP on March 24 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

The Technical Circulation period for comments for the draft New Official Plan released in November 2020 ended on March 12, 2021; however the discussion on the final New Official Plan will continue until it goes to City Council this fall

The City has received hundreds of questions in the past few weeks. They are looking to provide answers publicly so many residents could benefit from the responses.

Please register for this meeting here(External link).

Please submit your questions here(External link).

If these links don’t work for you, this invitation can be found on the City’s web page

The New Official Plan | Engage Ottawa

1 thought on “Thank you! Next steps on Official Plan is a Q&A held by the City”

  1. Hi, Although I missed the deadline for comments to Councilor Leiper, here are three questions I have submitted this morning on the City website, fyi.

    Where is the cost-benefit study of the draft new plan? Where is the before vs. after visual sketch to illustrate what the changed neighbourhood will look like? What is the impact on city finances; and if profitable, where will the extra money go?


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